You currently have an IWHOAMI account, so we would like to inform you of important updates to our website and mobile APPs.


Please look and find out what else you can do with your codes. At the link you will find guides, business use cases and an e-shop where you can order stickers and tags.


As you know, W-Code allows to identify your objects privately or publicly. With the new features, you can perform most actions simply by clicking the buttons; without having to write. You can also quickly replace or link codes, create reminders, or send emails to others with hyperlinks to them. Additionally, you can scan and save an appliance's serial number or embed websites in the codes, for example to link to your Google Docs repository of photos and documentation.


All these functions are ideal for the creation and management of inventories, key control, management of workflows associated with your objects, maintenance of access records or tasks associated with rooms such as periodic cleaning. You can even use them for stock control and data protection in printed documents.


We really hope you enjoy the improvements we have developed for you. However, if you wish to cancel your account, you can do so under account-deletion.